HG-UV98 handheld with APRS

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Professional dual band(144/430) analog walkie-talkie with built-in GPS\Beidou\GLONASS.

Ture APRS protocol !

You can track and report positions over the internet or to other APRS equipment.


English Manual


The latest APRS firmware (dated 23/Sep/2020)


Programming Software

(Programming Software is NOT recommended! Suggest to use manual analog settings and APRS 51Series Setup program for APRS settings)


APRS Setting Software


Users please signup and help us to improve the radio!




Suitable for frequencies in different countries and regions
Standard frequencies
Area A:                                  Area B:
TX:136-174MHz(FM)             TX:136-174MHz(FM)
400-470MHz(FM)                   400-470MHz(FM)
2. UHF/VHFdual-frequency, dual-display and dual-reception
3. TFT large screen
4. High power: UHF:4W VHF:5W       low power: UHF/VHF:1W
5. Chinese/English menus, Chinese/English voice prompts
6. Complete APRS beacon reception and transmission
7. Support multiple satellite systems, GPS/ BeiDou /GLONASS/automatic recognition
8. Support the complete display of GPS information
9. Support the reporting of temperature, atmospheric pressure and battery voltage
10. Support the setting of APRS parameters, such as call, ID, icon and comment, etc.
11. Support SPORT and FIXED siteapplications
12. Support APRS relayfunction
13. The Bluetooth supports multiple data formats, KISS data and two-way communication
14. The Bluetooth supports GPWPL way point data, UI text data and GPS positioning data (GPRMC\GPGGA)
15. Support the setting and memory of various APRS parameters
16. Support the storage and export of beacons
17. Support firmware upgrade
18. Day/night mode
19. The editing and displayof channel names in Chinese or English
(to be edited in the supporting)
20. 50 CTCSS codes, 210CDCSS codes
21. Multiple scanning modes
22. VOX (Voice Activated Transmit)
23. Customside keys
24. Multiple single-tone pulses(1750HZ, 2100HZ, 1000HZ and 1450HZ)
25. Multiple keyboard lockoutmethods
26. Wideband and narrowband
27. Backlight
28. Battery saver
29. Roger beep
30. The setting of Squelch Tail Elimination (STE) and repeater echo
31. Standard 7.4V and 2500mAH polymer Li-ion battery
32. 5V quick charge through USB

Additional information

Weight 0.295 kg
Dimensions 13.3 × 6.2 × 4.7 cm

9 reviews for HG-UV98 handheld with APRS

  1. Steve K2GOG

    October 2019 I wrote a detailed review and overall, I still really like the Lanch HG UV-98.

    It would be great if extra batteries were for sale and if the manufacturer would release an update to firmware.

    I understand that COVID has had a bad affect on supply chain and work, but I really hope things improve soon.

    This is a really great product that can do much better if it was supported better.

    I will be writing a follow up review in about a month from now.


  2. Jon KG7KMV (verified owner)

    Amazing bit of hardware that does almost everything I wanted in an APRS HT! The current firmware has some bugs and I’d really want the ability to send/receive messages through the HT, but it can be done with aprsdroid and Bluetooth as is. I hope the developers can address some of these user concerns with a firmware update.

  3. ta3lgr

    HG UV98 radyomu seviyorum. Gelişmeye ve geliştirilmeye açık gibi görünüyor. Özellikle APRS için klavye de özel işaret ve harfler eklenirse çok güzel solacak. Aprs den msg alma ve gönderme menülerinin de eklenmesini dört gözle bekliyorum. Saygılarımla..TA3LG/Turkey 73

  4. Trevor ZS6RES

    Just bought an X13C
    Waiting delivery
    This radio needs to be worked on and released to the big amateur radio dealers around the world including eBay etc.
    Looks like an amazing product.
    Team up with anytone make a dmr version too.
    Sure you will sell many

  5. Sven

    I was very happy with my HG-UV98 until the second charge cycle…
    The radio was charged in normal condition (off state, 30% full, normal temperature, normal 5V USB).
    The charge LED lighted red. After some time I recognized the smell in the room. The battery was blazing hot. Connector and release mechanism melt.
    I don’t know if this is a design issue, or I just had bad luck.
    I tried to get a replacement battery from my seller, no success until now.
    I also searched the market for replacement batteries for this radio, but there seems nothing available at all!
    => So lifetime of the walkie talkie is limited to the battery lifetime.
    => Please provide also aftersales batteries on general marketplaces!

    Without this major issue I would rate 5 Stars…

    • ba4tbqth

      This might be the battery issue,a replacement can solve the issue.

  6. BaZie

    What I like:
    – broad set of functions (GPS, APRS, Bluetooth, GPS via Bluetooth, etc.)
    – ease of APRS/GPS data access (# key)
    – PRICE!
    – programmable keys
    What might be improved:
    – GPS sensitivity or some software issues (sometimes I need to turn it off and on to cath GPS fix)
    – FM radio is not present
    – CHIRP compatibility would make programming channels easier
    – the unit becomes warm (warmer than Yaesu FT-3D or Anytone AT-D878) after some time of operation
    – lack of accessories (battery eliminator is missing, desktop charger is only an option).

    Anyway, quite nice equipment.

    • ba4tbqth

      New model of the APRS HT is being designed at the moment,now the APRS and HT will use the same MCU other than two in HG-UV98.
      It will makes more flexialbe.

  7. Tom Odyssey

    It’s a pretty solid radio. It’s built well and fits nicely in the hand. Some people on the Web have complained about a defective speaker, but in my case, the speaker works perfectly fine and gets nice and loud. The device is also easy to use; out of the box, I was able to figure out almost all of the radio’s functions without having to read the manual whatsoever.

    As a 2-meter and 70-cm radio in general, I’ve gotten pretty good signal reports from other hams I’ve talked to using this radio, though one person noted that there was a slight hum on my end. Also, one thing I have noticed is the device heats up quite a bit while transmitting and even a little bit while just listening.

    One bug I’ve had is that the radio’s software sometimes locks up completely, so I have to turn the radio off and back on again to get it to work. (And I checked to make sure auto-lock isn’t on or anything like that.) This is pretty annoying, but it is at least easy to fix and doesn’t happen nearly often enough to impede the use of the radio.

    In terms of the APRS functionality, the GPS can take several minutes to get a fix, even outdoors, but it does always work eventually. Sending beacons on APRS works about as well as any other radio I’ve tried; the APRS coverage in my area doesn’t seem very reliable at all, but that isn’t the fault of the radio. I’ve not tried connecting the radio to an Android phone using Bluetooth to test APRS messaging, but I imagine it would work fine.

    I think it would have been very cool if this radio had the 220MHz band included as well as expanded APRS functionality built in. Overall, though, despite it’s quirks and bugs, it’s a functional radio and, for the price, has probably about 75% of the functionality of something like a Yaesu FT5D (mainly, just minus the digital mode and extended APRS functionality). I think it’s a very worthy upgrade if you’ve only been using a Baofeng but aren’t yet ready to spend $500+ on one of the big-name radios.

  8. Lucas W1BTR

    Decent aprs implementation. Digipeating is amazingly useful, and works for all packet types. Construction is decent, better than a baofeng.

    Two glaring issues that keep me from fully recommending it:

    1. Lack of APRS message support. This is the #1 APRS feature used around here, especially now that you can send full text messages with APRS. This radio needs the ability to send an APRS message. To the devs, if you need help figuring out how to do this, reach out and I can help connect you to the right people.

    2. This is less easy to implement, but I really wish this radio had the ability to use the Bluetooth tnc for any packet type. As of right now, it’s not useable with WINLINK or other packet modes except for APRS.

  9. mel (verified owner)

    Radio seems well built, but the inclided manual is only in Chinese. The English manual PDF download is incorrectly formatted for US paper, and prints only one page very tiny in the center of each 8.5” x 11” sheet. I am forced to manually view each page enlarged on screen and then take screen shots to print at a readable size. 不好

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