HG-UV98 handheld with APRS


Professional dual band(144/430) analog walkie-talkie with built-in GPS\Beidou\GLONASS.

Ture APRS protocol !

You can track and report positions over the internet or to other APRS equipment.


English Manual


Programming Software

(Programming Software is NOT recommended! Suggest to use manual analog settings and APRS 51Series Setup program for APRS settings)


APRS Setting Software


Users please signup and help us to improve the radio!




Suitable for frequencies in different countries and regions
Standard frequencies
Area A:                                  Area B:
TX:136-174MHz(FM)             TX:136-174MHz(FM)
400-470MHz(FM)                   400-470MHz(FM)
2. UHF/VHFdual-frequency, dual-display and dual-reception
3. TFT large screen
4. High power: UHF:4W VHF:5W       low power: UHF/VHF:1W
5. Chinese/English menus, Chinese/English voice prompts
6. Complete APRS beacon reception and transmission
7. Support multiple satellite systems, GPS/ BeiDou /GLONASS/automatic recognition
8. Support the complete display of GPS information
9. Support the reporting of temperature, atmospheric pressure and battery voltage
10. Support the setting of APRS parameters, such as call, ID, icon and comment, etc.
11. Support SPORT and FIXED siteapplications
12. Support APRS relayfunction
13. The Bluetooth supports multiple data formats, KISS data and two-way communication
14. The Bluetooth supports GPWPL way point data, UI text data and GPS positioning data (GPRMC\GPGGA)
15. Support the setting and memory of various APRS parameters
16. Support the storage and export of beacons
17. Support firmware upgrade
18. Day/night mode
19. The editing and displayof channel names in Chinese or English
(to be edited in the supporting)
20. 50 CTCSS codes, 210CDCSS codes
21. Multiple scanning modes
22. VOX (Voice Activated Transmit)
23. Customside keys
24. Multiple single-tone pulses(1750HZ, 2100HZ, 1000HZ and 1450HZ)
25. Multiple keyboard lockoutmethods
26. Wideband and narrowband
27. Backlight
28. Battery saver
29. Roger beep
30. The setting of Squelch Tail Elimination (STE) and repeater echo
31. Standard 7.4V and 2500mAH polymer Li-ion battery
32. 5V quick charge through USB

Additional information

Weight 0.295 kg
Dimensions 13.3 × 6.2 × 4.7 cm


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