X1C3 APRS Tracker



An add-on APRS tracker, has built-in GPS & battery, works with most HT’s and Mobile radios.

Install X1C3 outside or close to the window, and connect to the radio, you may report your position to other radios or aprs.fi etc.

(New 2020 Version)


APRS setting program

Firmware for early version of X1C3

Firmware for version 2020 and later of X1C3



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Normally a plug & play device.

We provide a K-type cable to connect the tracker and radio,it works with most Kenwood handheld’s and China made handheld’s,

X1C3 including BT version has HC-02 Bluetooth module.

Additional information

Weight 0.11 kg
Dimensions 5.5 × 6.9 × 2.4 cm
Bluetooth option

X1C3 excluding BT, X1C3 including BT


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