51-BT-Y Bluetooth data module

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51-BT-Y Bluetooth data module can be used for YAESU FTM-400D,FTM-350R and FTM-100D to send the APRS data to your cellphone(Android and IOS) using APRS apps.

(When you modify the data cable,you may use it for other YAESU radios)

51-WG7 version:

allows you to use your phone for receiving the packets decoded by the radio. Bluetooth function.


51-WG6 version:

Bluetooth + iGate function.This option has WIFI intergrated.


51-WG5 version:


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——————- 3 options being manufactured ———————————

Baud rate: 9600 bps


Package includes: Data Modules;

A set of mounting holders;

10 pin data cable;

Extended power cord

Download Manual for 51WG5

Download instructions

APRS setting program


Additional information


51-WG5, 51-WG6, 51-WG7

2 reviews for 51-BT-Y Bluetooth data module

  1. David

    What is the difference between WG-5, WG-6, and WG-7?

    • ba4tbqth

      When your radio receives the APRS beacon it will display the sender’s location on the mobile phone/pad map! (51-WG7)

      WiFi and external GPS inputs added to 51-WG5 and 51-WG6,which allows to send location data to APRS server;
      51-WG5 can be used for the radios that no DATA jack available,such as FT1907 etc.

  2. gustavofaza

    Hi! I have a Yaesu FTM-100D, which it’s capable to send and receive APRS beacons.

    1) I understand the 51WG7 will add the possibility for me to use APRSDroid and see in my phone a map with all the APRS stations. Am i right?

    2) Is this 51WG7 like a -sort of- X1C3 ? I have one for my Baofeng.

    3) Do you have a picture of the back of the 51WG7 device? I saw the Yaesu cable and it has the Mini DIN 10 pin connector… But… What connector has the 51WG7

    4) What is the 3.5 female plug of the front? It says GPS.


    • ba4tbqth

      It’s a interface in between the radio and portable device.
      The cable for the radio can be customized.

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