X1C5 Plus

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Handheld APRS tracker with LCD screen.


X1C5 series now uses Type-C for charging and programing.

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Luxury handheld APRS tracker.

Colorful LCD screen;

1 watt RF out (VHF or UHF options);

WiFi and Bluetooth.



APRS setting program

Latest firmware                            01 / Apr / 2021


Three buttons can be used multifunctional (depends on the firmware)!

1.8-inch color LCD

Support fixed station FIXED, sports SPORT, 2 site modes

Support complete TRACK tracker, support intelligent, timing, PTT linkage, queue beacon

Support beacon additional information, mileage, satellite number, voltage, temperature, air pressure, etc.

Support mileage calculation, support accumulated mileage or automatically clearance

Support for automatic icons (TRACK smart mode)

Support GPS power saving mode (TRACK PTT linkage mode, TRACK timing mode)

High altitude up to 18000meters above sea level


Integrated 2.0+4.0 dual mode Bluetooth,

Support Bluetooth output KISS hex, UI, GPWPL, KISS ASC, GS232B and other protocols

Support Bluetooth output GPS data (GPRMC+GPGGA), support mixed output

Support Bluetooth KISS data bidirectional transparent transmission

Support full DIGI relay function, support custom relay name, support relay remote turn-off function

Support remote control peripheral sensor input and relay output module


Built-in advanced CMX programming algorithm

Built-in transmit level, receive level adjuster (-10.5dB -0dB)

Built-in high performance GPS\Beidou\GLONASS multimode hybrid positioning module

Built-in advanced algorithm to support rich data analysis

Support heading, north position, relative motion position calculation

Support APRS distance, elevation target calculation, support G5500 aircraft, vessel and other tracking control

Companion PC setup software (Chinese, English) (requires .NET 4.0)


UHF or VHF options, 1W RF output

Support battery USB direct charging

Support comprehensive GPS interface, beacon list interface, real-time beacon interface, beacon record analysis interface

Built-in temperature\pressure auxiliary sensor (temperature & air pressure values for reference only)

Support off-network use, no network, direct mutual positioning

Support liuyun, APRSdroid, LOCUS, Ovi and other APP

Support user independent firmware upgrade

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 8.8 × 5 × 2 cm


18 reviews for X1C5 Plus

  1. Yazz

    Appears to work. The English user manual is out of date. The manual uses screenshots from an earlier version of the software. You will get the APRS functions working but some other items are not explained at all. If someone could update the manual or link to an update that would be much appreciated.

    • ba4tbqth

      It’s undergoing ,since it’s not a full-time job,which delayed a bit.

  2. Gervais

    well,if i may comment,it looks great but way to much for my budget.Not that it is not good .153$ USD is 200$CND here which is to much BUT it looks great.i certainly would try it,, 🙂 .thanks for your products it is needed in the APRS world .Gervais VE2CKN

  3. Bill Johnston (verified owner)

    Bought it a year ago and use it on my ebike. Manual is lacking info on using /settings many of the features ie smart beaconing and Bluetooth. Thought after a year someone would expand the manual; surprised that has not happen as yet. It is only 1 watt but found it adequate when using a better antenna.

  4. billjohnstonrn (verified owner)

    Bought it a year ago and use it on my ebike. Manual is lacking info on using /settings many of the features ie smart beaconing and Bluetooth. Thought after a year someone would expand the manual; surprised that has not happen as yet. It is only 1 watt but found it adequate when using a better antenna.

  5. Hank Erchief

    Very satisfying and not as noisy as my knobbly Anal Intruder when turned up to maximum.

  6. ralf

    I am very disappointed about the documentation. No word about the options of smart beaconing, I dont know what the 5 entries in the selectionbox mean and what will happen. The X1C5 transmits when it wants to, not predictable. I know, the project is not professional, but after a year I would expect much better information about the features. Explaining the functions in a youtube video is no rocket science. Round about 150 bucks are a lot of money to spend for almost a black box.

    • ba4tbqth

      Sorry about the documentation,there are more functionality explanation on the Facebook group,also we will update it soon.

  7. Steve (verified owner)

    Works well with a better antenna. The manual is lacking information on many of the settings, but managed to work out some by looking at the manual for the other APRS products.
    I managed to configure it to work with APRSDroid over Bluetooth and as an iGate and digipeater.
    Smart beaconing works ok. I reduced the time between beacons by setting it to 5 and with the beacon transmitting on change of direction, provided a good track.

  8. Ruediger Herrmannn Lauterbach

    Is there any new Firmware for this device

    • ba4tbqth

      Currently there is no new firmware,let us know if you need the specific function,we should be able to do that.

  9. Brian

    New firmware 2021 bricked my device (uhf). Got stuck in a boot loop (flashing red ex light before reboot). Is there any way to fix this?

    • ba4tbqth

      Try to press and hold the F3 key for 5 seconds.

  10. Brian

    Tried press and hold F3 key for 5 seconds with no success. Power button does not respond and now only the Bluetooth light is flashing. screen is blank.

  11. Alan

    Hello, the device arrived safely and finally found the software but unit is frozen and unable to turn off or get the the software to read and write is greyed out. Have tried F3 for 5 sec to no avail? Any other way to reset and make the device be recognized by the software?
    73 Alan GM0USI

    • ba4tbqth

      Alan,you may press the RESET button through the EXT JACK,it will reset the device.

  12. Alan

    The device froze when trying to programme it and cannot turn off or be read or write from the software. Pushing F3 for 5 secs does nothing. Any other way to get it to reset and work with the software?
    73 Alan GM0USI

  13. GM0USI

    Do you mean inserting a jack plug into the ext jack?
    73 Alan

    • ba4tbqth

      Yes sir

  14. Alan

    Can you explain what you mean please? Inserting a 3.5mm jack into the ext TTL jack does nothing. Do you need to do something else?
    73 Alan

  15. Alan

    Used a match and it reset fine – Got it working now – thank you!
    73 Alan

  16. Kris

    The device works pretty well.
    Sometimes the display goes blank completely. Restarting helps.
    The distance to the received stations does not change when you move the tracker. Only when a new item is received, the data is updated. Does not decode APRS from converted rs-41 radiosonde even when signal passes through other DIGI. What does a long press of F2 do?
    73 SP3IZN

    • ba4tbqth

      Maybe we could work out a new firmware later.

  17. OE1MWW

    What is the difference between the X1C5 ‘pro’ and the ‘plus’ model ?

    • ba4tbqth

      The X1C5 pro has no LCD display.

  18. John

    Firmware needs some additional functions:
    To provide a transmitting i-Gate a filter needs to be sent to the server. I haven’t been able to find the place where to enter a filter parameter.
    Open Source the firmware – By doing so you may see the popularity of this thing take off.

    • ba4tbqth

      Thanks for your input!
      We sure can consider it next time.

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