SW-3B QRP CW transceiver

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Three-band CW QRP transceiver

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Dimensions: 104*71*25mm (excluding the protruding part such as knob)

Weight: 180g.

Operating voltage: 8-15VDC.

Operating current:

receiving: about 45mA(backlight on), and less than 40mA(backlight off).

transmitting: about 0.8A (at 12V voltage).

Frequency range: 5-8MHz, 8-11MHz, 11-16MHz (the receiving sensitivity peak is only 40m, 30m, 20m amateur band).

Transmitting: 7.0-7.2MHz, 10.1-10.15MHz, 14.0 -14.35MHz.

RF output: 5 watts @12V

1.8 – 2 watts @9V


Schematics for reference.



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Weight 0.4 kg

8 reviews for SW-3B QRP CW transceiver

  1. alainf8feo (verified owner)

    Excellent small radio !
    I made several contacts today 17/11/2019 with a simple long wire (10 m) and a small tuner 15/40 m
    on 3 bands 599 : (Poland,Croatia,and Ukraine) from my garden in SE France
    I want try it in Sota and made a lot of qso !

  2. José Gomes / CT7AFI (verified owner)

    Received it in 10 days from the manufacturer.
    Small and effective 3 Band QRP rig and very well built.
    Powered with 12 volts and coupled to an end fed antenna, made 3 QSOs with USA today.
    Nice price as well !
    Recommended !

  3. Don – WA2SWX (verified owner)

    Received it in good time. Attached it to an EFLW and worked several stateside and four european stations in short order. Sensitivity was good and power levels were on the mark. Control layout was clean and their use relatively simple. Great price point for what you receive. This will be going with me on the road.

  4. Yvon NU6I

    I had a MTR-3B that I loved but after receiving and operating the SW-3B I sold it.
    The MTR-3B is a great radio but the SW-3B is so much superior. Can be powered by more than 12v unlike the MTR-3B, selectivity is much better and has AF gain control, no need for an in line volume control. And it is more than $100 cheaper.
    This evening I was listening on 7114. Had a LSB station a little lower and a cw station slightly higher that sounded like a keyed oscillator from the 60’s. Still I was able to copy the cw station on 7114 I intended to work.
    I work mostly cw QRP and have many QRP radios including the KX2 but this is now my favored one.
    Support from Dale is outstanding.

  5. Ilya R3XA (verified owner)

    Nice little rig! Quick delivery & good packaging. Thanks Dale!

  6. Александр R0LHE

    Доброго всем дня!!!!!!…….я ещё только собираюсь приобрести данное QRP радио…..читаю отзывы аладельцев……и я уже понимаю, что я нахожусь на правильном пути!!!!!…… Всего хорошего!!!!!!!…..

  7. Alan Shapiro (verified owner)

    Beautiful rig for SOTA. I’ve had it out on 4 activations and am very pleased with it’s operation, controls, display, keying, and receiver.

  8. Lloyd K3ESE (verified owner)

    I really enjoy using this rig! it’s my favorite rig, ever, for portable QRP ops, and I’ve owned, and used, many.

    Delivery from China, pre-covid, took 19 days.

    Mine puts out 6W on both 20 and 40m, and 7W on 30m.

    Best DX so far was Australia, from Florida, USA, on 20m.

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