DR4020 Dual band Digital QRP radio

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A simple QRP digital transceiver.          — Fully assembled and tested– (Now with Kit available as well — Control board assembled/Mainboard needs soldering)

Perfect for outdoor digital radio contacts,such as FT8,FT4,JT65 etc.

DR4020 now supports RF power meter and USB/LSB switchs.

Band: 20m and 40m.

Download MANUAL here

Download 2023 version updates

Download Kit Assembly Instructions here   ( 2019/2020 version ,using in-line package  components)

Download Kit Assembly Instructions here  ( 2021 SMD version )

Frequency range:

7.0 – 7.2 Mhz ;  14.00 – 14.35 Mhz

Output power: 4 watts @12V

Modulation: DIGI on USB mode

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Two Options Available:

1,   Assembled : DR4020 with 2 straight 3.5mm stereo cables plus a USB sound card (assembled and ready to use)

2,  Kit : DR4020 Kit (Soldering skill required)


———– Note: DR-4020 is a pure Single Side Band radio,unless other DSB radio may harm the spectrum. DR-4020 may even use a SSB transceiver by adding an electret microphone 🙂 ——-

——————— 2021 version is now using SMD components ——————————————–

Schematics for reference.

How to modify DR4020 as a 20m SSB QRP radio.


See more photos and talk to other owners by joining the group:



Additional information

Weight 0.32 kg
Dimensions 8.8 × 3.8 × 12.4 cm
Adapter Selection

Assembled (ship via DHL/FedEx), Assembled (ship via Post), Basic + CITA adapter(ship via DHL/FedEx), Basic + CITA adapter(ship via Post), Basic + RPI sound card(ship via DHL/FedEx), Basic + RPI sound card(ship via Post), Kit (ship via DHL/FedEx), Kit (ship via Post)

5 reviews for DR4020 Dual band Digital QRP radio

  1. Stephan, DF6PA (verified owner)

    Really nice rig. Easy setup. Works great with a Raspberry. Very good built quality. Feels solid.
    Tried it with FT8, JS8 and WSPR.

    Too bad there is no 30m edition 🙂

  2. Dwight KO6FE (verified owner)

    Tiny, solid build, works well.

    I found the CITA adapter to have an unreliable connection. I recommend getting the sound card instead.

  3. Steve, K2JY

    Great radio and very good customer service. Have been using the radio on 40 meters for WSPR 24/7 now for 2 weeks, receiving and transmitting and no problems. Output on 40 meters is around 4 watts as measured with my Bird watt meter. And the great thing is that even after 2 minutes of transmitting on WSPR the radio hardly gets hot. Was so impressed that order another one. You get everything you need to go digital.

  4. Jason KC1DKC (verified owner)

    Very easy to setup and it works well. I’ve made contacts on FT8 and JS8 call. Only issue i’ve had is that the voltmeter doesn’t display correctly, but that doesn’t seem to affect operation.

  5. Wolfgang, oe3twh

    Very nice radio. Works perfectly fine for FT8 and JS8call.
    Good quality for less money!
    A 80m/40m version would be great !

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