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Universal Radio Link for Kenwood,ICOM and Yaesu radios.

It’s ideal to connect your radio to computer with CI-V,data and keying functions.

Your type of device to select:

1,  ICOM DIN8-DIN8          :        ICOM IC-707,M710,725,725A,726,728,729,735,736,737,738,

2, ICOM DIN13-DIN8        :        ICOM IC-703,706,706MK2,706MK2G,718,78,7000,7200

3, YAESU FT450D etc        :       FT450\FT950,  FT991 FT891,  FT7800\8800\8900\100D, IC-2710、2720、2820,  IC703、706、7000(data socket,PACKET),  TS-480,     Handhelds

4, YAESU FT891 etc          :        FT-891/991/FT-817/FT-857D/FT-897D


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– FIDI FT-232RL USB chip
– Original 6N137 optocoupler high-speed communications, communication rates up to 115200.
– Support mechanisms refined data cable to connect the cable, plug and play
– Radio remote control interface support: full optical isolation, CAT remote support stable high-speed communications 115200
– Complete signal support: Contains TXD RXD RTS DTR CTS signals.
– Support for SQL control, CTS signal.
– Special customized high-quality audio isolation transformers, shielded isolation.
– Plug and play, external power supply not required.
– Standardized voice / data radio interfaces: DATA (MINI DIN 6).
– Remote Interface standardization CAT: CAT (MINI DIN 8).
– FT-450D HRD set: rate 4800, leave RTS DTR both blank, radio using VFO-A.


For Radio Model:  
– YAESU: FT450, FT950, Compatible with RS232-CAT port
– YAESU: FT991, FT891
– YAESU: FT7800, 8800, 8900, 100D
– YAESU: FT-8×7 (only DATA, not for CAT)

– For ICOM: IC-2710, 2720, 2820
– For ICOM: 703, 706, 7000 (Only Data Port, PACKET)
– Supports Handheld Radios

For Software:

Download USB Driver:    www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm


Package Included:
– 1 x Main device
– 1 x USB Cable
– 2 x Audio Cables
– 1 x Data Cable
– 1 x Serial Port DB9 Type CAT Cable (depends on radio type)

Additional information

Radio Type


15 reviews for U5 Link

  1. 平野岳


    • ba4tbqth

      Yes,you may select YAESU FT450 etc. option,and instruct the radio model,we will make the specific cable for you.

  2. Sean Gilbert

    I found a used U5 Link on eBay for a very good price (£15/$20). Once I’d worked out what leads went where it immediately began doing what it needed to. Any required drivers were automatically installed by Windows 10. This is the most reliable and simple-to-use interface I have used in over 20 years of sound-card digimode activity. Hook up the cables to your soundcard line-in/line-out; connect the din cable to the appropriate din out on your Icom (or Yaesu); plug in your paddles/pump and, finally, connect the USB to your PC. That’s it. Check the W10 device manager to find out what com port the device has made for itself and then you are away. There is not much in the way of info on the web, but enough to get it hooked up and running. The U5-Link itself is a pretty small metal box, about the size of a deck of cards or a packet of cigarettes, it is well constructed and the case is painted black, with white lettering. It feels like a quality product. For the price I paid, it was a no-brainer. Even at full retail, the cost of this is cheaper than many interface units I have seen (and used). Basically, all you need is this box, the correct leads for your radio (it should come with all leads necessary), and a soundcard of some kind. I have used mine with an old SoundBlaster Live 24bit USB card, but it worked just as well with a £0.75 ($1) USB plugin sound device or with the PC onboard sound device. Overall, the U5-Link is a good product and I have nothing negative to say about it. Would I recommend this to a ham friend? Yes, I would. 73, G4UCJ (licenced ham since ’82)

  3. N4PCB

    I got the U5 Link along with a used 857D. Figured out what cable goes where for basic operation, and it works very well for FT8/4. Still trying to figure out how to hook it up for CW (since I got no instructions with it). If anyone has that info, please post it.

    • ba4tbqth

      You may use either DTR or RTS for CW keying.

  4. me

    Can You make videos about your Products?
    I like teh Products, but a visual support would be great.

    • ba4tbqth

      We currently don’t have video for this,it’s a plug and play device,easy to use.

  5. Jens


    i tried and tried and got no audio in or out.
    After i plugged the Headphone into the “MIC” port
    OOOH, since when is the audio out port marked as mic?

    • ba4tbqth

      Which model?
      Let us know we can check it up.

  6. Jens

    The Yaesu Version has the misprint.
    But it works fine.

  7. Mike, OE3MZC

    I have an U5 Link for ICOM IC-7000 and want to make FT8 with WSJTx.
    However CI-V is not working with IC-7000 and Win7 machine.
    USB-Driver has created a COM15 but no comunication on CAT interface. What are the two jumpers on the board for?
    Thank you for help.
    73 de Mike

    • ba4tbqth

      Normally there is no need to change anything.However,the cables are different for the specific radios.
      Please confirm to use the right cable.

  8. Winston

    Anybody can share their settings on WSJT-X for IC-706MK2?

  9. Ternai

    Hi i am trying to change the aprs frequency on the config sw from the default 144.000 to 144.390. I have used the sw to change and write to the X1C5 pro, but it continues to broadcast on 144.000.

  10. Al

    Icom version.

    In Device Manager (Windows 10):

    “Unknown USB Device (Device descriptor failed).”

    Any ideas, drivers are up to date.

    Thanks, Al

  11. Al

    Icom version, revised review.

    The interface works well with my Icom IC-756Pro.

    I have used it with Fldigi, FT8 and Ham Radio Deluxe.

    These programs have different settings so this can be a learning curve.

    Switching between programs on older rigs may require resetting connection parameters as older rigs only generate one comm port.

    Note: Previous issue (as reported above) was the fault of a USB connection inside my computer, not, this unit.

    All fine and happy.


  12. Mikel EA2CW

    Could be used with Kenwood TM-D710?

    • ba4tbqth

      Yes,the DATA plug is similiar to FT-817/857/897.

  13. ea2cw

    Very satified with my U5 Link unit connected to FT-817ND
    Is there any version to connect to the new Yaesu FTM series, using mini DIN 10 pin connector?
    Specifically i would want purchase one for the FTM-200DE

    Thank you!

    • ba4tbqth

      Thank you!
      Yes,the mini DIN connector can be customized when you place the order.

  14. Jindra

    Hello, I would need some other variants:
    – for Icom IC-207 interface with PTT + audio (9k6, miniDIN-6)
    – for Kenwood TS-570S CAT (RS-232) + audio (DIN-13)
    – for Kenwood TS-480SAT CAT (RS-232) + audio (miniDIN-6)
    Is that possible?

    • ba4tbqth

      Yes,these can be supported as well.

  15. Geoff Chapman ZL3PX

    Pardon my ignorance but what does REM stand for please

    • ba4tbqth

      REM is frequency control indicator,will be flashing when frequency moves.

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